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CLASSIFIED SITES - High Traffic Classified Websites List - World Most Viewed Classified Sites Directory

High Traffic Classified Websites List

Classifieds and free classifieds sites are another way to increase your page rank through an SEO campaign. With millions of ads posted daily to these sites, they are frequently updated and scanned regularly by the search engines. The search engines reward fresh, dynamic content with higher rankings. Many times these classifieds site swill also have a high page ranking themselves as they are frequently trafficked or linked to top level media domains such as newspapers. The classifieds are a great way to post announcements, sales, promotions, and links to your web site for free. You can build a list of the best free classified sites, such as the various Craig’s lists, or newspaper sites in your region. Post links that lead directly to your site, or affiliate program, to build traffic to your web site from a free classified site with a large community user base.

Another possibility is to host your own free classifieds and give the users on your web site the chance to post their items for sale. You can analyze the user community and see what type of a need or demand there is for a classifieds section. Open source software such as Noah’s Classifieds can be added and themed to match your site’s lay out and design. As before, having active, fresh, dynamically updated on your web site will attract more users as well as higher search engine rankings. Adding free classifieds to your site can also be done in a way that they are specialized and only list what your keyword or niche market represents. You can specialize and attract the type of customers that are active in that particular niche. Get list of classified website with high page rank at Free classifieds make for a much more active community on a web site, but must be watched and guarded against spam or your site will be overrun. You may need to use a “captcha” system to prevent automated spam posts.



Most popular free classifieds websites on the Internet
001 AAA Free Classifieds
001 Advertise FREE Classified Site
007 Free Classified
#1 The Classy
1 America Mall Free Local Classifieds Northern Rivers NSW
1SafelistCentral Classifieds
1st Executive BoardRoom Free Classifieds
1 Stop Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds
1000 ads Canada Free Classifieds

1 Mall
123 Classy Ads
1999 Classifieds
1AmericaMall Classifieds
1st Street Market Place
201 Free Classifieds
2BuySell Interactive Classifieds
Absolutely Free
Absolutely FREE Classified Ads!
Achieve USA Biz Op Ads
Ad Co-Op Free Classifieds
Ad Net! Classifieds
All 4 Free Classifieds
Alpha-Beta Classifieds
AmericaNet Business Opportunities Classifieds
AmericaNet.Com Classifieds-Main Site
APRC Classifieds
Asia Trade Mart Free Classifieds
Aardvark Free Classifieds
ABM Resources EzyAds - Auto ads only
Abacin Classifieds Classifieds
Abundance Ads
Ace Classifieds
Ad Ad oo! Free Classified Ads
AD-Line Classifieds
AdlandPro Free Classifieds FREE Classifieds
Ads cars for sale - Vehicles only
AdsGlobe Free Classifieds
Adzooks - FREE Classifieds
Alamonet Free Classifieds (San Antonio Classifieds)
All Classifieds
Amcho Classifieds Ads
American Classified - Free classified Ad Online
American FREE Classified ADS
Annonce Pattaya
Anomaly Classified Ads Classifieds
Atomicbot Classifieds
Automobile classifieds

Need A Credit Card or a Personal Loan?


BCT Adpost Classifieds
BeatYourPrice Free classified Ads
Bernie's Free Classifieds
Best MLM Classifieds
Best Online Classifieds
Biggest Classifieds
Billy's Coffee Shop
BizMail Free Classified Ads
Biz Online Classifieds
Blackworld Classifieds
Boats classifieds
Bobby's free classifieds
Business Opportunities Classified Ad Site Free Classifieds


Blue Mountain Internet's Free Classifieds
BMI's Free Classifieds
Buy & Sell Online
Cabot Mall Free Classifieds
Caravans & Boats Classifieds leisure vehicles, caravans, boats and motorhomes only
Cashscripts Free Classifieds
Cashway Free Classifieds
Choose Your Item
CityAd.WS World City Classifieds Advertising
Classifieds 4 Free
Classified Ads
Classified Ads Dove Light lnternational
Classifieds For Free
Click4Choice US Free Classifieds
Click India Free Classifieds
Clockwatcher's Classifieds Free Classifieds Free Links
Crafter’s Co-op - Crafts only.
CraigsList Free Classifieds
Cyberica Free Internet Classified Ads


Classified Marketplace
Classifieds For Free
Coastal Visions Classifieds
Cyberspace Marketing
Deb's Home Business Opportunities Forum
DEW Agencies Free Classifieds Classifieds - European countries only.
Divorce And Women Free Classifieds Physicians Only Free Classifieds
Dunway Enterprises Free Classifieds
DXPNet Classifieds
Dynamic Classified Ads


EBO Internet Advertising
Easy-Earn Free Classifieds
EC E-Classified Ads
EffectLocal Classifieds Philippines Free Classifieds Free Classifieds Classifieds
Extra Money Making Ideas Classifieds
EzClassifieds & Everyday Business Ads
Ezilon Free Classified Ads

Excite Classifieds
Find It Classifieds
Free AD Board
Free Ads Forum
Free Advertising Blog
Free Advertising Forum
Free American Classifieds
Free Automotive Employment Classifieds
Free Business Ads
Free Business Advertisement
Free Classifieds
Free Classifieds
Free Classified Ads by
Free Classifieds
Free Classified Ads for Southwestern Virginia
Free Classified Ads Forum
Free Classified Hub
Free Classifieds Place
Free classifieds & Resources
Free e-classified
Free Global Advertisements, Local to You
Free International Classifieds
Free Ottawa Classifieds
Free photo classifieds & Ads
Free PHP Classifieds
Free Post Classifieds
Free US Classifieds.
Frugal Ads


Free World Classifieds
Free World-Wide Classifieds Free Classifieds
General classifieds
Global Classifieds


Global SIC Classifieds
HGG Group Classified Site
Halton Ads
Healthy Endeavor Free Classifieds
HI-D-HO Free Classifieds
Highland Free Classifieds
Home Assembly Free Classifieds
HomeBizFinder Free Classifieds
Hotels for Sale Classifieds Hotels and motels only

*I NEW! - Free Classified Ads UK Classifieds
In The World Classifieds
In Vancouver - Classified Listings
Income/Financial Opportunities
Independence Mall Free Classifieds
Inet Giant Free Classifieds
Internet Business Marketing Strategies Free Classifieds
iSell - Free Classifieds Classifieds Free Classifieds

Indian Trader Classifieds
Infohiway Classifieds
Infomak Classifieds
InfoSpace Classifieds
Internet Direct Classifieds
IVCS Classifieds
Junk Mail
Kokakos NEW!
Kansas Classifieds
Keystone Classifieds
Kijiji Canada Classifieds - Local & Free


LEAD System Classifieds Network
Learn Small Business Classifieds
Life Changing Classifieds
LinksToHouston.Com Classifieds Free Local Classifieds
Loafing Lizzard
Localflat Classifieds (France)
Locanto - Free Classifieds
Loud Mouth Classifieds
Louisville Free Classifieds


Market Wiz
Master Trader
Metro Online Classifieds
MGStyle Classifieds
Make Money Classifieds
Make Money Online - Post your classifieds Now
Maplist: Free Mapped Ads
Maroc Free Classifieds - for Morocco
MaxBidAuctions.Com Free Classfieds
Maximum Mall Classified Ads
Mega Free Classifieds
"metamit network" free classifieds
Monsoon Classifieds
NEW! - Free Local U.S. Classified Ads


Mid North Coast Internet Classifieds
Nap Free Classifieds
NetScape Classifieds
NRG Classifieds
Network Marketing Classified Ads
Nevada List Classifieds
Niche-it free Classifieds
Noah's Classifieds
Nortad Classifieds

*O - Free Classified Ads
OffersShop Free Classifieds
Online Marketing Skills Free Classifieds
Online Solutions Classifieds
Ontario's Classifieds. Buy and Sell Ontario!
Ottawa Classifieds


Online Auto Parts Outlet - music-related ads only
pcAdZ Classifieds
PathToSuccessOnline Classifieds
PetWise Classifieds - pets and animal related ads only.
Pohsw Free Classifieds
PolkTrader Classifieds
Popes-Enterprises Free Classifieds Free Classifieds
PostAdsOnNet - Online Classifieds
Post Classified Ads
Post Classifieds Blog
Post free classified ads
Post Free Classified Ads
Post Your Ad For Free
Posty Ads
PreferredPromoZ Free Classifieds
Pressmania Free Advertising
ProjectVisionary.Com Classifieds


EBO Free Classifieds

EzClassifieds & Everyday Business Ads

Pressmania FREE Advertising - This is a new advertising site which goes deep into local areas and offers language specific options for users from all over the world.


RLAJ.COM Free Classifieds Ads
Real estate classifieds
Recoup Gear Free Classifieds - Sports only
Recycler Classifieds Free Classifieds
Roane County Classifieds


ScottReviews SyC NEW! Free Classifieds
Singapore Free Classified
Skissa Active Classifieds
Spilled Ink Free Classified Ads
Start Page Mega Hits Classified Ads
Suchana Classifieds
SunSteam Search Free Classifieds Free Classifieds


TargRo - Free Classified Ads
Thailand Classifieds
The Classified Page "Home of the Free Ad"
Thedirectory Auctions, Classifieds, Business Directory
TheDreambuilder.Net Classifieds
The Free Ad Forum
The GREAT-OPPS Classifieds Free Classifieds
The Pinball Classified - for Pinball and Arcade Amusements only.
The World For Sale
Thrasher's Classified Ads
Toronto Classifieds
Toronto Classifieds
Toronto Classifieds
Totally Free to Post your Ad!
Traffic Plug IN
Traffic Storm Direct Free Classifieds

FREE E-Book Reveals How Anyone Can Make Money Online! Even beginners!


U.S. Free Ads
US Listed
USA Online Mall's Full Page Ads
United States Free Classifieds Classifieds of Alabama
Used Boat Propellers Free Ads -Boat propellers only


Victoria, BC's FREE Classifieds
Vintage Car Connection - Antique and collector car classifieds. Pre-1991 vehicles only.

*W Classifieds
Webmaster Classifieds
Wespac FREE Classified Ads
Wired2Host Classifieds
World Free Ads = free ads gratis

*X  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 3431  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 9933  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 76,455  – Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 2340   – Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 3  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 31,495  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 93077   – Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 6   – Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 1  – Page Rank 4 ; Alexa Rank 31,133  – Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 47  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 35,045  – Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 40,443  – Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 5  – Page Rank ? ; Alexa Rank 31,660  – Page Rank 7 ; Alexa Rank 975 ; Popular in UK  – Page Rank 4 ; Alexa Rank 26,756  – Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 119228  – Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 30,192 ; Popular in Canada  – Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 10,050  – Page Rank 8 ; Alexa Rank 80,028  – Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 76,006  – Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 28,649  – Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 31,208  – Page Rank 6 ; Alexa Rank 24,388  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 196,733  – Page Rank 5 ; Alexa Rank 4261
XingClassified - Post free clasified ads


Yeznet Free classifieds Free



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