Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Affiliate Programs – How do i Choose One?

There are a multitude of affiliate programs to choose from. How do I pick one?

Prior to joining an affiliate program, ask questions first. Evaluate and study the options for the course that you wish to join. The replies will play a vital role in the decision regarding the achievements of the future.

Are there any fees for joining? The majority of affiliate programs presented now a days are 100% free. Thus why go for those who ask for a few dollars for connecting.

At what time are the commission checks released? Each program has unique characteristics. A few release their checks monthly, quarterly, and so on. Choose one that you think would be best suited to match your reward time. For many affiliate programs, there is a minimum earned commission amount they expect an affiliate to attain or surpass if they are to receive their checks.

What hit per sale ratio is offered? This statistic is the average number of hits per banner or text link required to produce a sale, and is based on all affiliate sales statistics. This is an essential point, as it determines the amount of traffic you need to generate before you start earning commission from a sale.

How does the program track referrals from an affiliate’s site, and what is the length of time they stay in the system? You really need a program that can correctly track the people who are referrals from your site. It is the only possibility to get credit for a sale. It is also important to consider the length of time people may remain in the system, since few visitors don’t purchase at first but later wish to come back to buy. Seek information about the credit of the sale if it occurs weeks after the specified time.

What are the types of affiliate stats obtainable? The affiliate program you select should be able to provide you with detailed statistics. You should be able to access this information anytime you want to. By continually monitoring you individual statistics, you will gain important information such as the number of hits, sales and impressions your site has generated. Impressions show the number of times a visitor visited your site. Hit is a single click on the banner or text links.

Is the affiliate program responsible for paying for the impressions and hits as well as sales commission? Impressions and hits should also be paid, as this increases the Affiliate earnings you that will accrue from the sales commission. You will find this particularly important if your program offers a low sales in order to hit ratio.

Who is the online seller? Make sure that you know who you are doing business with and that they are a strong company. Obtain knowledge of the selling products and the rate they are obtaining. If you seek out as much information about the retailer selling the affiliate program as possible, it will help you decide if it’s the best program for you and your website.

How many tiers does the affiliate program have? If the program is single tier, you will only earn money for the business you have personally generated. If the program is two tier, not only do you get paid for the business you generate, you also earn commission on sales that are generated by the affiliates sponsored by your program. If it’s a two-tier program, a small fee might even be paid for every new affiliate you sponsor. This is similar to a “finder’s fee.”

In the end, how much commission is paid? Several programs pay commissions falling in the 5%-20% range. 0.01% to 0.05% of the amount is offered for every hit. If you come along a program which pays for markings, the payment is very low. These figures clearly demonstrate why the hit-to-sale ratio and average sales amount matter so much.

Before joining an affiliate program, you must know the answers of these and more queries. You need to be informed about key features of the program you choose before you make them part of your website. Find out all you can about your affiliate program options. It can help you decide which program, of the many on offer, is best for your website.

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