Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ways to Create Backlinks

Creating backlinks can be time consuming and seriously tedious and boring, but you have to do it. Aside from my previous article on How to Create Backlinks, Here are list of things you can do to build more backlinks!
Article Marketing - add your link with keyword anchor text in your resource box. Distribute articles to tons of directories, for tons of backlinks.
Forum Posts - add your link with keyword anchor text in your sig file.
Blog Comments - keyword in the "name" area, and then your url. (will create a hot link with anchor text).
Comments at Ezine Articles - this one just occurred to me recently. I checked the source code and they do not appear to use the "no follow" attribute, so Google should count these links. You may even get traffic from these too. I just enter my main keyword, and add a relevant comment to the article. I use this like I would a blog comment with my keyword in the name area and then my url. You have to wait for EZA to approve your comment, but it's worth it.
Set up Google Alert for keywords - each time I set up a new site I also set up a Google alert for the keyword. I only choose to get alerts from blogs. Now each time someone posts a blog on my keyword I know about it and can get over there and add a comment.
Build free Blogs - build a blog at, blogger, tumblr or wherever. You can do this blog on a related topic and add your site in the blogroll. This will give you a link for each page you publish on this blog. I use PLR for these blogs, and just change up the articles a little bit so they are more original. You can also add links within the articles to your blog for added links.
I didn't build these blogs expecting to get traffic from them, but I quickly started receiving traffic via the wordpress search function. So make sure your content is at least decent and you may find yourself getting more traffic as well as backlinks.
Hubpages and Squidoo - build pages at both of these free sites. Make sure to add a link to your site using keywords as your anchor text. At squidoo you can also add a link to your product or service you are promoting. Depending on how you want to use Hubpages I would be careful adding links to affiliate products over there. I just use hubpages as a way to get one more link from a quality source to my new niche site.
Zimbio - this site is new to me. I have used it for my squidoo lenses, by adding my lensmaster RSS feed url from Squid Utils it will post each new lens I write on Zimbio. You can do this with the RSS feeds for each of your sites, including your main niche site, as well as any free blogs you set up. Make sure to do this first so it will catch all your articles as you put them up.
Directory Submission - there are tons of directories you can add your site url to. Here's a great list of directories you can get started with. (this site also has a huge list of social bookmarking sites and article directories) I set the timer for 30 minutes and just go as fast as I can submitting. I do this at least once a day for 30 minutes. - a fun little site where you can ask a question. There is space for you to submit a url where people can find the answer. Just think of a question that relates to your niche and then add your site url in the space provided.
Twitter - not sure how good this is for backlinks, but if you have some people following you, it might be worth sending a quick tweet about your new site. You might just mention you found a cool site etc, so as not to give away all your niches.
If you want to take things to the next level there are also services and membership sites you can join to build links. I have not joined any of the link building membership sites as of yet. If I decide to do it, I'll let you know how it goes. If you are currently using a link building site, leave a comment and let me know about it.
I keep remembering this comment from Court's Internet Marketing School Blog. He talked about how you should be spending 90% of your time building links. When I thought about how much time I was spending in this area it was probably about .5%. Stay focused, and set up a system for yourself and you too can build tons of great backlinks!
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