Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Article Writing to Increase the Visitors to Your Website

When I set up my site, I promoted a web traffic scheme that actually did increase my internet traffic! The idea was that you clicked away looking at other people's sites and they did the same. One problem soon became apparent. We were all happily clicking away and no one was actually interested in the websites. We were all simply trying to earn points to get more hits that were totally worthless.
Since setting up my site I have tried many ways to gain visitors to this and my other sites. Without visitors, or web traffic, your site will be floating around unnoticed in cyberspace!
It doesn't matter whether you want to earn money from your site or you just want to share information with like minded visitors. Without web traffic you are wasting your time. I have now found what I believe to be the best way to increase your visitors without it costing you a fortune.
Yes, you can delve into pay-per-click with Google, Yahoo and others, but I wanted a system that delivers targeted traffic without the cost! But for now I want to tell you about Article Marketing.
Before you dismiss this idea, let me tell you it works and it is dead easy! My traffic has increased; in fact, I have had to upgrade some of my sites because they could not handle the traffic I am now getting.
You are still reading this page, so I know you are becoming interested, so let me tell you now that this is not some extended sales pitch! What you are about to learn will cost you nothing if you if you prefer to put all the hard work in yourself.
However I do have something that will help you get started in article marketing and save you money and time into the bargain, and it will cost you less than a burger from your High Street burger bar!
Still here? Good. Let's get started:
Have you ever read an article on the Internet and noticed the 'Resource Box' at the end of the article? In the resource box you add a few lines about yourself, plus, more importantly you place your URL right in there as well!
"So what?" I hear you say. First of all, if that was your article and it quite easily could be, you would have what is known as a 'Back-Link' to your website. Back-links are worth much more than a reciprocal link, where you exchange links with another site owner. Search engines place much more importance on a back-link than a two-way link. Simply put, the more back-links you have, the better the ranking you get from the search engines! Now that's not bad for starters.
You can write an article.
You may be thinking that you can't write an article. Let me say here and now that I believe you can. A few months ago I thought the same, it terrified me to try and write an article and then try to get it published. But with just a bit of practice you can do it. And there are directories just waiting to get hold of your article.
What you are reading here is in fact an article and because I know what I'm talking about, it has only taken me around fifteen minutes to get this far! And I'm not an experienced article writer. Write an article about a subject that you know. Just sit down and start typing! If you know your subject then you should easily be able to knock up an article in less than half an hour.
Don't worry about grammar or spelling at this stage. Just get your article written. When you've finished your article, sit back and read it through. If you are using a good word processor program, then any spelling mistakes will be underlined and you can correct them now.
Next get a good friend to read your article to make sure it makes sense. Then when you are happy with it you can add a resource box. This is just a few lines at the bottom.
When you have your article ready, you should submit it to an article directory. You will have to open an account with them and read their rules prior to submission of your articles.
I hope I have convinced you that article marketing/writing makes sense. There is much more to it, for example; Re-writing ready made articles and making them your own! Stringing several articles together and turning them into an e-Book which you can also market as your own and much more.
However good you are or become at writing articles, there comes a time when you may become despondent or get writer's block. Don't worry, it won't last. You could also do some research using your favorite search engine, taking notes as you go. Do not ever copy other authors' work as this is copyright theft.
I've introduced you to article marketing and hopefully shown you the benefits of using this method to attract visitors to your site. Good luck with your article writing.
Author - James Ackroyd

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